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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nuclear reactor in growing jeopardy. tale from the disaster zone. pay area resident in japan when the quake hit back home tell their resident in japan when the quake hit baso you closedtheir your savings account and buried all your money. yeah, my savings weren't growing, too many traps and fees, it's better off in a hole in the ground. where's the hole ? i got a map. where's the map ? it's tattooed on my back. nobody knows about it-- just me and the guy who did the tattoo. touch the ball, son. put your savings where they'll grow. get an orange savings account. no fees. no minimums. no tattoos. i should go get the shovel.
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at >> approximately depending on what happens at the power plant, we would like to ask you to remain indoors at home or in your offices. >> new warnings from the japanese prime minister tonight after a fire erupts at the nuclear power plant. good evening. that fir has been extinguished but it caused radiation to leak from the crippled reactor. authorities say the levels are harmful to human health. they also say there is a high risk of further leak acknowledge. diana has more from japan. >> another explosion has been heard. >>reporter: this explosion was different. this time officials
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immediately warned everyone to stay away from the facility. the fear that radioactive material could seep out from the damaged reactor. we understand that others may be saying there may be damage or cracks. their response earned rare public rebuke from the prime minister. now the prime minister told reporters he was not officially inform of the explosion for app hour and told the company pull yourselves together. that was followed by reports of a fire at yet another reactor. resident are being tested for radiation exposure. authorities have distributed more than 200,000 iodine pills. preventive measure for radiation thicknesses. even the u.s. ronald reagan was forced to turn back testing showed several sailors received a month worth of radiation in an hour. after passing through a radiated cloud. the constant anxiety over the ongoing nuclear crisis is hampering effort to rescue survivors and deliver supplies. increasingly the efforts are unsuccessful.
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>> our team has found anyone providing. >>reporter: those who did survive are sifting through the rubble of what is left of their homes looking for anything to salvage. this woman says my friends died. so many people i know died. sentiment shared by thousands. since that third explosion there has been renewed push to take preventive measure in relation to radiation exposure with iodine tablet and radiation barn that darkened as the level of exposure begin to rise. >> now many people here are concerned public health officials in california say however there is little risk that radioactive material could reach california unless the disaster gets worse. particle are capable certainly of traveling across the pacific from asian a.sandy is here with more on that passability and it involves more than the jet stream don't it. >> it does indeed. let me explain to you how we track for
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example dust storms that come in from asia of. dust particle travel the jet stream across the pacific, make its way basically all the way across the pacific and into the bay area. when it involves radioactive material the it gets a little more complicated. i spoke with dr. thom cohen of lawrence berkeley lab tonight and i quote him he says it is not a significant health concern. so let me explain to you why he believes this. the japanese incident radioactive material is shooting up a good one,000 to 2000 feet up into the air. from meet logical standpoint the jet stream is 35 feet up into the air and so first of all hasn't got there chernobyl was higher than this why it came in on the jet stream. if the material made it to the bay area the earliest would it reach us is three days and when it did, it would be diluted so this is why he's saying it's not expected to reach the jet stream. we are
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talking about the plume possibly disbursing in the ocean before it even gets here or it could run in a storm and simply wash-out which is why we are not expecting this to be a significant health risk. once again i quote dr. thom cohen who has nearly 2 decades of experience working with radioactive material. >> that is comforting though thanks very much. >> some of the top nuclear scientist and engineers are right here at the bear area and they are monitoring the situation closely. sandy talking to one of them. allen live at uc berkeley already involved in helping control the crisis in japan. allen? >>reporter: yes daniel. today explosion was no surprise to these nuclear engineers because they knew that yesterday explosion of unity 3 had tee stabilized unit 2. these years have a pretty tight relationship with the japanese scientist there and that's how they help solve the critical problem. >> after the first explosion at the power plant nuclear
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engineers at uc berkeley started crucialing numbers in the room. they figured out how much sea water was needed to cool off the reactors. >> we calculated yesterday you can see on our board about 40 gallons of water a minute to remove the heat from the reactor. >>reporter: they relayed the information straight to the engineers at ground zero. >> so based on this information we can extract how much water you have and how much time you have in terms of at what points it will degrade. >>reporter: despite 3 expo motion nuclear engineering professor has been down playing pot tensional danger. >> we have probably degradation of fuel and maybe some melting bit is contained within this structure. >>reporter: she points to the containment vessel surrounding the reactor. 8 inches of steel surrounded by 7 inches of concrete. >> certainly hasn't gotten through the pressure vessel which is the key. >>reporter: professor bob also played down today's radiation
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spike saying it reached 800 million per hour and the ct scan exposes 1,000 million. >> they talk about many radiation levels p.m. which are several times p allowable. that's still very low. >>reporter: still several pharmacy in the bay area say they are getting 10 to 20 calls a day for positive says um id dine. pills used to prevent radiation poisoning. now a lot of pharmacy that carry them say they have sold out but most pharmacy say they don't even have them open their shelves. the tablets cost about 10 dollars for a pack of them but they are going for as much as 60 dollars on ebay. recording live from uc berkeley, abc 7 news. >> okay thank you. tokyo stock exchange opened an hour after the third explosion.
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it sent a chill through the market to be sure. the average fell 6 percent in the first 2 hours. finished down another 12 percent. that is 17 percent loss in just two days. well many bay area resident who were in japan during the earthquake now back home. some returned on schedule. others cut the vacation short. lillian is in the news room that part of the story tonight. lillian? >>reporter: dan, people we spoke to were eager to get back home. place nothing like they have ever felt and the experience they say was terrifying. about hugs lasted a bit longer and tears flowed more freely. passengers on flight from tokyo arrive in the bay area relieved and emotiona emotional. >> there was just so scary over there. >>reporter: they had just arrived in tokyo when the earthquake hit. the vacation was supposed to last 3 weeks. three days into the trip they decided to go home. they say
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they were scared something bad was going to happen again. >> the disaster could happen at any moment because reactor -- a after shock kept coming after the whole weekend we were there it wouldn't stochlt earthquake here stops. but there it keeps coming. >>reporter: ralph of sunnyvale returned yesterday from his business trip to tokyo. he took photo as aftermath. you could see smoke from out his window and says many store swlevls empty as people bought as much as they could to stock up just in case. >> i grew up in the bay area and have lived through all the earthquake that have been here since the 60's and this was approximately tremendously worse and we were 300 miles away from the epicenter. still worse than any earthquake i have experienced in the bay area. >>reporter: it has been two days since he has been back at his oakland home. he was in tooebing tokyo touring with his band high on fire when he felt the earth move. this is video took of people watching quake coverage on giant screen in the approximately district and
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coincidentally he and the band were in christ church new zealand when the earthquake ravaged that city 2 and a half weeks earlier. >> tokyo hit and knowing in christ church the first about reported was a building fell on a bus and city streets and we are in a van in city streets surrounded by sky scairp. first thought goes through my head. >>reporter: as he says he's counting his blitzings that the buildings in tokyo are made to withstand such strong earthquake. he says experiencing 2 large tumbler in a matter of few weeks has led to a a deeper appreciation for his family. in the newsroom, 7 news. okay thanks very much lillian. >> a lot of people in the bay area ramp up relief effort to aid the victims in the earthquake. the owner of of this store has set a 50,000 dollar fundraising goal. that's geechbility he hopes to raise 25,000 dollars in donations which he will then match for a total of 50,000 dollars. the money will go
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directly to the american red cross relief effort in japan. the japanese are our neighbors. they are very kind and compassionate people. and we share, wave not common with the japanese, the least of which is earthquake problems. so i think it is very easy to identify with the japanese and their struggle. >>reporter: the store will ask customers for donations through the month of april. now for list of organizations taking donations for earthquake sgroyms to our web site and click on see it on tv. also information on how you can find missing loved ones in japan there on our web site. before we move on to some other matters let's recaptain headlines out of japan tonight. officials warning anyone living near the power plant to stay indoors following another explosion at that nuclear facility. slightly higher than normal radiation levels have been detect entered tokyo but officials insist there are no health danger. >> death toll climbed to 2800
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with thousands more unaccounted for and millions spent the fourth day without water or electricity in japan. still dealing with monumental crisis. >> coming up here next. other news. 6 hour stand off at bank. man with begun enters the bank but wasn't there to hold it up. we have the story. >> also entire school day cancelled. path of destruction left by thieves at east bay school. >> but will need the umbrella the next 7 days as several systems move through here.i'll be back to tell you all about it in
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. subpoena. >> police stand off at marin county bank lasted nearly 6 hours and ended peacefully tonight. gunman barricade himself inside bank of america
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branch is now in police custod custody. authorities arrived on the scene 4:30 this afternoon. the gunman reportedly let the bank employee and customers leave before blocking himself inside. this wasn't a robbery. the man appeared to have posted signs in the branch window detailing his grievances with bank of america. school was not in session today at east oakland pride elementary after group of thieves left a path of destruction behind. the thieves ripped a bank of commuter out of the wall, took lap top, overhead pro psychiatrictor and safe from the principal office among other things. but theft not the only motive. before leaving they vandalized 30 rooms and particularly violent fashion as you can see from some of the pictures. all of this after volunteers spent the weekend painting the playground for the kid. now students return to school battered and bruised. >> this is like their sanctuar sanctuary. and now today when they came to school they realized maybe it's not a safe place any more. that's what hurts us the most.
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>>reporter: police are looking into the possibility it may have been an inside job. school workers say there have been 10 break-ins there in just three years. >> thousands of students march on the state capitol today trying to dissuade lawmakers from slashing california's education budget. california faces a total budget deficit of more than 26 billion dollars. governor brown proposed budget calls for trimming 400 milliont( dollars from california community colleges. the uc california state university system also face potential cut cuts. >> i have 20 students in one class when we have that many we aren't able to get the one on one research we can get in the programs and services. has an effect on many students including myself. >> budget negotiations broke down between brown and republican senators. he need a handful to vote for a series of tax extension on state wide ballot in june. that is one of
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the biggest sticking points in his proposal. >> on the subject of the state proyn start licensing new report from the california state controller. chung sets unfunded cost of providing future health benefits to retired state employees has grown by 8 billion dollars this year to 60 billion dollars in total. chung warns that california needs to the act quickly to reduce this long-term liability for the state of california. all right let's go back. sandy earlier talked about the jet stream and other factors involved in the potential of radioactive particle reaching our shores. but now she focuses on the forecast. >> absolutely dan. first sign of tomorrow storm that will reach the bay area. raining right now around crescent city and eureka will get here for the morning commute for the north bay. get to tonight a moment. temperatures in the 50's and highlights. more rain tomorrow. periods of wet weather all week long. spring begins on sunday. going to
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look more like winter when you look at my 7 day forecast. satellite radar storm coming in for tomorrow. so we are going to see more rain tomorrow. it is a rainy tuesday basically. let me show you the bigger picture. you look across the pacific here we see periods of rain the next 7 days. several storms lined up that all ride in on the jet stream here. first couple storms you can how far south in latitude so they are mild storms that's why we expect the the ems to remain on the mild side. so over the course of the next 7 days here's how much rain we are expecting. north bay mountains up to three inches. 2 inches for the north bay. about an inch for the peninsula east ba bay, south bay up to inch over the next 7 days. so let's start out our computer animation with the first system. of night tonight clouds gathering by 5:00 a.m. it starts to rain in the north bay like i mention. then the rain starts to spread a little bit more south and east into the afternoon hours. could get moderate to heavy at times as the front goes through. as you
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can see here evening commute primary focus santa cruz mountains south bay and the east bay and then behind the front numerous showers expected for your tuesday night. rainfall total with this first system through tomorrow night up to inch in the north bay. see quarter to half inch. north bay mountain quarter to half inch in the north bay and see far less for the rest of the bay area specifically the south bay. that's only expected to see about 1/10th of an inch. not whole lot of rain for the south bay with the system. tonight mild readings. numbers in the 50's and the rain will develop as we head towards the morning hours. so tomorrow carry the umbrella. temperatures ranging from the 50's up to the north to 60's south and east and around the monterey bay umbrella weather as well. temperatures in the low to mid 60's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain for your tuesday. showers wednesday and again on st. patrick's day. more rain coming in on friday. you can see though the progression. we
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go from mild temperatures relatively speaking tuesday wednesday and thursday to cooler readings heading into friday so colder nature of the storms there. over the weekend more showers are expected just in time for the equinox sunday. spring begins sunday at 4:21 p.m. more rain on monday. so we do get rain here in the bay area and march and of times it's a wet march or april but this looks more like we need it come summer. >> we sure will. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. why insurer >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. why insurer affleck fired
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>> comedian lost his job quacking on tv after series of offensive tweet. >> afflack. >> insurance company fired comedian gilbert godfried today
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as voice of the signature duck. godfried tweeted several jokes about the earthquake and tsunami in japan. he said quote gilbert recent comments about the crisis in japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of any one at after fleck. he was sacked. >> microsoft will stop making the music players. weak demand and microsoft desire to focus on the smart phone platform are cited as the reasons for the demise. the players were introduced in 2000 sick as alternative to the apple i-pod but it if he ever quite caught on. it's finished. >> larry here with all the sports. >> sacramento kings might go the way of soon as well good. night to be named thornton. al had his best game joining the warriors. king though had had his best game joining the warriors. king though had their own thornton and
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>> good evening. warriors play
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the final game ever in sacramento. kings franchise could move after the season maybe to anaheim. if this was the he said of the northern california rivalry, the warriors certainly made the kings feel like royalty. not so happy 23rd birthday for curry. one tonight after the warriors shut down love they came out absolutely flat. career night steal dunk williams wide open for 3. air ball. kings out and running. warriors don't get back. easy lay up. 42 for the second german out of lsu. golden state. you got a thornton we got one. al thornton with block on samuel. finish at the otheren. 23 for the newest warrior. the dream shake. warriors within 92 minutes to play but the kings slam the door. garcia corner 3. 12 129-119 the kings about prevail to. ice. won stanley cup with chicago year ago. torched by
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former team mates tonight. if later in the first pinned by 2 defender somehow gets to thornton. from there a blackhawk blitz. 4 straight goal. january thon beats vl him and yanked replacement about fared know better. nicholas with a slapper. chicago scores effective goals in the second period. they pull away to win 6-3. this was the last thing the a's wanted to see in spring training. all star closer bailey hurt again. when you look at the video. it appears to be serious. this is bailey second outing of the spring. facing indian. throw as pitch cringing in pain. coming back from surgery to remain bone chip from the elbo elbow. examined by a specialist to determine just how serious this might be. injury put damper on break out game by young chris carter. high. deep. aloha. carter
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with two bomb. in fact this one out in the parking lot cleared the stadium. but the a's fall 9-8. giants lose 12-8 to milwaukee. good news matt tossed 3 scoreless innings. bothered by elbow inflammation himself but he's okay. stanford basketball team seeded no. 1 in the west in the ncaa tournament this afternoon. they are against uc davis. saturday 3:30 p.m. at maple pavilion. cardinal 29 and 2 over all. won 23 straight and real shot at the national championship. >> i'm really proud of this group. this is a team that approximately you know i think is really a special team and we are going to give it our salute best shot. >> i'm really excited this time is great no matter who is in your renal. i'm excited to see how well our team plays. i think we can go far. >> should be fun. >> well that is this edition. nature line up next. for all of us here, thanks for watchin
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watching. we appreciate your time see you again tomorrow. watching. we appreciate your time see you again tomorrow. >> good 3q
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